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Wind River Woodworking

There is so much that makes Adam Lempel's Wind River Woodworking (WRW) an outstanding Chesterfield business. Let's start with the basics:
Adam is married to Stephanie and has son Noah and dogs Luna, Cricket, and Milo. For over 30 years, WRW has been an owner-operated woodworking shop specializing in the restoration, repair, and refinishing of American antique and contemporary furniture (including pianos). He also does specialty projects including chair caning and rush weaving, in home cleaning and polishing service from a single piece to entire paneled rooms, and an antique furniture "search service." Further, he brilliantly restores architectural woodworking such as doors, fireplaces, and mantles.
What really makes his business stand out is Adam's intentional business practices and local networking. Everything used in his shop is 100% American made. From the hardware to the removal and finish chemicals, sundries, brushes, and screws, it is all made in America. Not only that, but he has an entire local network he regularly collaborates with for his projects. Take this chair for example. Rather than tossing it in the dump, the owner contacted Adam who restored it completely while using a local contractor for the herringbone weave.

This is also a great example of how he addresses the holistic needs of every project. He is focused on not only restoring the appearance of the pieces, but also the functionality. This brings an element of pragmatism that makes the investment even more valuable.
Further, the services of WRW are called upon from all over the region and beyond. In 2013, he had the honor of restoring the original Mayor's Lectern in Manchester, NH.

Chesterfield is lucky to have such a well-known craftsman right here in our own backyard! What a fantastic resource for heritage preservation, gifts, and useful repairs & maintenance.
To learn more, call 603-363-8220, e-mail, visit him on Facebook at, or visit his website at
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