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Ongoing Projects

Senior Housing

Working with the Southwestern Community Services, the BOS, and the Planning Board, the EDC promoted the development of a zoning amendment to accommodate Senior Housing in town which passed in 2022.  Presently we are working on moving this important project forward.


The EDC continues to look into ways we can extend childcare/daycare options for our youngest residents in partnership with the BOS and Parks & Rec. We are currently exploring building renovation and new construction options for both daycare and aftercare. 

Brownfield 9A

The EDC has facilitated the creation of the “Chesterfield Revitalization Group,” a gathering of interested community members whose purpose is to pursue remediation efforts on a contaminated site on Route 9A near Spofford Lake.  While several required phases of assessment and remediation have been completed, the last and most challenging phase remains.  This phase entails, among other things, seeking and obtaining state and/or federal funding to complete the remediation. In addition to the remediation steps, the dedicated group is considering what use should be made of the site after remediation is finished (e.g., commercial, public use, hybrid, etc.).  If you would like to get involved, contact and we will be happy to forward your information.

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