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Jurg Jenzer - Artist

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

As my family and I perused the Farmer's Market in Chesterfield a couple of weeks ago, I was struck by the vivid colors and contrasts of on particular artist, Jurg Jenzer. He agreed to let me feature him and I am excited to promote such a talented local artist.



Jurg Jenzer lives here in Chesterfield with his wife (of 42 years!) Thea Lloyd and their dog Sasha. They have two adult sons who are doctors.

After serving public schools as a teacher, guidance counselor, researcher, and principal (25 years) in VT, NH, and MA, he finally has time for his creative passions: painting, fly fishing, and gardening.

Just doing a simple Google search of his name revealed accolades from schools where he previously served. Here are some of my favorite comments, from an article in the Brattleboro Reformer describing his time as principal of Hinsdale Elementary School:

"The fifth grade class lined up holding signs expressing their appreciation for Jenzer’s work over the past three years.

Several students from each grade level then lined up to read a little snippet about Jenzer, thanking him for "helping us solve problems," "giving us high fives" and helping to build the new playground outside the front of the school.

Other students thanked him for dressing up as Strawberry Shortcake and Tinky Winky (the purple Teletubby) and dancing on the roof the past two years. Jenzer challenged the student body to collectively read 25,000 pages every summer, and if they did, the children got to vote on which costume their principal wore all day."

Under his leadership, the New Hampshire Department of Education received word that Hinsdale made AYP (adequate yearly progress) for the first time in four years.

Now in retirement, he states "I have dedicated myself to painting what is in my heart, with a few examples of my work displayed in the gallery below. Landscapes and impressions from many rivers I fished over the past half century evoke passion and spiritual renewal, but also like to experiment with abstract vision and new techniques. Recently, I began working with a paint-gun and epoxy resin."

The Art


Umbagog Lake

Painting: Acrylic, Gesso, Fabric on Canvas.

"Umbagog Lake straddles the New Hampshire and Maine border near Errol, NH, and is one of the most pristine natural environments in northern New England. Finding natural environments that are completely untouched and modified is difficult. Lake Umbagog provides glimpses of what soon may be lost."

Andriscoggin River

Painting: Acrylic, Gesso on Canvas.

"The magic of fly fishing the Androscoggin River in Errol, NH never gets old, even after three decades of doing so. The painting is framed and wired, ready to hang. The frame is constructed with milled clear pine, stained (Colonial) and polyurethane covered for protection."

Colorado River

Painting: Acrylic, Gesso, Resin on Canvas.

"My road trip to the Colorado River for camping and fly fishing for trout is unforgettable, in part because of the incredible colors of the river and the geological formations it flows through. The canvas, painted with acrylics was coated with epoxy resin, exploding the colors."


Painting: Acrylic, Gesso on Canvas, Wood.

"Memories of a deserted beach in the Dominican Republic persist for years. The stretcher is framed with 1x4 clear pine and reinforced in the back to prevent warping. The frame is made of milled clear pine, and can be replaced with a hardwood frame (maple) at additional cost ($500-600) by request. This will add to the weight of the work. The painting is wired and ready to hang."


Painting: Resin on Canvas.

"National Geographic's documentary on the Pacific Ocean contains stunning video material on atolls in the Pacific Ocean, including the Bikini Atoll. This atoll was used to test nuclear bombs by the U.S. more than 70 years ago, leaving unprecedented damage to that remote environment."


Painting: Resin on Canvas.

"It took me 35 years to attempt a painting of what is arguably the most beautiful place on Earth, with the work descending into cliche."

Depictions of current events



Painting: Acrylic, Spray Paint, Gesso on Canvas.

"The 2020 pandemic inspires a new form of creativity, a need to express what many are feeling. This painting will be framed and wired before shipping."

George Floyd

Painting: Acrylic, Resin on Canvas.

"This work is dedicated to George Floyd who died in police custody in June, 2020. The nation errupted, the White House had no comment. Please donate to Bryan Stevenson's Equal Justice Initiative to make a difference."

A statement from Jurg: "I sell small, household art at the farmers market on Saturdays, including trays, cold meat/ cheese boards, cutting boards, boxes with lids, coasters, smartphone mattresses, desk organizers, wall hangings, and  small paintings.  I work with customers on special projects (coffee tables, wall décor, shelving units, kitchen accessories, etc.).  My artwork combines wood and epoxy resin, perfect for holiday, birthday, and wedding gifts.  Epoxy is food safe, light weight, very strong and durable.  Many customers comment on the gem-like colors (mica pigments mixed into the epoxy) as their favorite features. Chesterfield citizens can purchase paintings at a 10% discount, and look at the artwork at my shop before buying.  It would be very nice to show my work in Chesterfield, as most galleries are closed."

To visit his online galleries to view and/or purchase, please visit:

To contact him, reach out to:


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