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EH&P Green - a division of Ericson Homes & Properties

Last summer, when cyanobacteria invaded the lake, Patrick and Stephanie Ericson were concerned. They started researching—what causes a cyanobacteria bloom? How can it harm people and wildlife? They learned that the nutrients that fuel cyanobacteria blooms often come from the nitrogen in agricultural runoff. Thus was born EH&P Green (a division of Ericson Homes & Properties, LLC) a zero-emission lawn care company dedicated to providing quality and affordable zero-emission lawn care to customers in the local area.

Their investment in the business is personal and passionate. Stephanie says, "...We live here…and we love it here. We care deeply about our community. We have three children and we visit the beaches and waters of Spofford Lake often...No matter your standing on political or town issues, we think that most folks would agree—our beloved lake need help and intervention - now! It is important not only so that people can recreate safely, so that the wildlife and ecosystem of Spofford Lake and the surrounding water table are protected."

How can lawn care be zero emission? Meet the Mean Green VANQUISH electric commercial mower, just one of their battery operated pieces of equipment.

Their mower — the Mean Green VANQUISH electric commercial mower.

According to Stephanie and Patrick, all of their equipment is battery operated and extremely quiet—important work Zoom meeting? Baby sleeping? - their extremely quiet equipment will not interrupt these critical moments of your day. They pride themselves on mowing your lawn to the recommended height, generally 3-3.5 inches, to reduce weed growth, browning/burning, and the need to apply commercial fertilizers or chemical weed killer; and produce virtually zero emissions with no accidental fuel spillage or runoff—the only lawn care company in Cheshire County to do so. Stephanie says, "Our services are pet and child friendly. All of our services are customizable and no contract is required."

Patrick & Stephanie Ericson of EH&P Green and their children:

Porter (9), Everett (6) & Harlow (3)

Ready to hire them? Stephanie says, "We are a fully insured division of Ericson Homes & Properties, LLC. We are a family owned and operated business right here in Chesterfield - with any luck, our husband & wife team and fleet of electric and solar-powered equipment will grow with the interest and demand for greener lawn care in this area in the near future." Already have services in place or plan to do it yourself? That’s okay. Feel free to spread the word, they are grateful for referrals.

Services offered: Mowing; string trimming; edging along walkways, sidewalks and driveways; planting and mulching beds; blowing off all clippings/leaves from hard surfaces (while making sure that organic material stays out of bodies of water, such as Spofford Lake); spring and fall cleanups; application of compost and/or natural fertilizers to lawn, if indicated or desired; hedge trimming; planting and trimming of bushes, plants and trees.


Please follow along on Instagram or Facebook @EHPgreen

Website: coming soon

Phone: 603-499-1247

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