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Benchtop Devices, LLC

Anthony Souza (AKA Tony), a lifetime resident of Chesterfield, had broken his leg in 1985. While at home recovering, he did a few custom mechanical engineering projects for a former employer. Thus was born AS Engineering, whose name was updated to Benchtop Devices, LLC in 2004. According to Tony, his business is, "Mechanical design, software and integration of custom test solutions mostly revolving around the Leak Test arena."

Below are a couple of examples of his recent work:

Testing for a sight that goes on a military weapon so they can shoot around corners

Machine for testing medical IV bags

When asked what makes his business special, Tony said, "No two projects are the same, One day we are designing a test system for cameras on autonomous vehicles, the next day a system for diabetic wearable pumps." We have to agree, that is pretty special!

With his products and services being so niche, it is unlikely for someone in Chesterfield to just "stumble upon" his work, so we were excited to draw attention to it so we can celebrate having such a cool business in our midst! Check out his website, and feel free to get in touch with him to nerd out any any time.

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