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Teachin' and Bleachin'

Did any of us think that we would ever talk about cleaning as much as we have in the past two months? I thought it would be a propos to feature a small business cleaning service we have right here in Chesterfield.

Teachin' and Bleachin' is owned and operated by Ashley Hoard and Paige Conroy. Ashley began her teaching career in 2008 as a special educator in an elementary school. She taught for six years and obtained her Masters in School Counseling in 2012. She decided to take a leave from teaching to be home with her three children as well as care for her grandmother who suffered from dementia. Paige graduated from Keene State in 2016. She was a nanny in Westmoreland and then Boston.

In 2018, Ashley was ready to get back to her teaching career and was hired as one of the lead preschool teachers at the Village Children’s Center in Spofford, NH, which is the same year that Paige started teaching there. They quickly connected with their spunky personalities and love for teaching.

Pictured: Ashley Hoard and Paige Conroy

It was a typical, fun morning out at recess with the preschoolers when Paige and Ashley coined their plan to start a cleaning business together. It was a way for them both to make extra money on the side. The business started slowly with only a couple of consistent houses to clean, but within 10 months, word of mouth brought more customers in. Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit our country, Teachin' and Bleachin' was doing quite well, with enough customers to fill Ashley and Paige’s schedules to the max.

Here is what one customer says about them, "Can’t sing enough praises for these wonderful ladies! Having them come has greatly helped my sanity. I can’t tell you all how amazing it is to walk into a clean house after a busy day! Highly recommend." - Anna S.

If you are interested in contacting them about using their services at any point in the future, you can find them on their Facebook page

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